Lahore police fails to recover body of kidnapped women

Sabzazar and Township police stations pass buck on each other as  case file is lost: Complainant



Lahore Lahore Police has failed to recover body of a 45 year women whose tenant reportedly kidnaped and killed her four month ago, BaaghiTV has learned.

Police apathy has broken all the previous  record as file of the case has lost and the Sabzazar and Township police are passing the buck on each other.
Worse is that complainant are being rebuked and manhandled by the police.

“My sister is kidnapped for the last four months. We neither have received her body nor any information about her” Mazhar, the brother of Shabana Bibi, the victim, said.
He said that initially the police lodged FIR against unidentified persons for her kidnapping but later the family was sure that their sister was kidnapped and murdered by her tenant Malook Hussain and his son in order to grab her property, a house of two merlas.
The family said that police instead of arresting the accused person is protecting them.
The victim, Shabana is a divorcee and has seven children to support and look after.

“Initially, Sabza Zar police was investigating the case but finding no progress the case was handed over to DSP Rana Islam but even then no progress has been made in the case. We have no information about our sister either she is alive or dead,” Mazhar, the brother of the victim said, adding that worse is that file of the case is lost.
Township police says that the file is with the Sabzazar and vice versa, he added.

He said that when ever his family visited the DSP, Rana Islam rebuked and even hurled slaps to get them out of his office.
The victim’s sister, Sana said that the accused party is influential and is influencing the case with the help of police and local political representatives.
She said that they have been running from pilar to post but none has listen to them.

Sana urged the IG Punjab, CCPO and authorities concerned to take the notice of the situation.