Lahore saved from destruction, terrorists arrested, who was the target?

Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab, has been saved from catastrophe, according to a Baaghi TV report.

Security forces in Lahore have arrested two alleged terrorists. According to CTD, two terrorists from Lari Ada Badami Bagh area of ​​Lahore have been arrested.

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Explosives, pistols, mobile phones and videos have been recovered from the terrorists’ possession. A list of minority leaders has also been recovered from the possession of the alleged terrorists. According to CTD sources, the alleged terrorists wanted to assassinate religious scholars and minority leaders. The terrorists have been identified as Wilayat Khan, Abdul Malik alias Ezzatullah.

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After the arrest, both the terrorists have been shifted to an unknown location for further investigation. While the security of the city has been tightened. Police checks on entrances and exits have been tightened. Police patrols in the city have been increased.

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