Lahore tandoor owners want to sell naan for Rs20

ISLAMABAD, 13th July: The Lahore Nanbai Association demanded on Friday an increase in the price of naan and roti after the imposition of the GST.
It has been claimed that 17% GST was imposed on the flour mills.
Tandoor owners all over Lahore have angrily demanded that an official flat rate of Rs20 has to be fixed for naan and Rs15 for roti. The new prices will come into effect from Monday. Tandoor Association Lahore leader Aftab Gill has reported that since Ramazan, the cost of 1 bag of flour has been increased by Rs1,000.
He demanded that if the government does not fulfill their demands, his associates will be forced to go on a mega strike across Punjab. They also demanded the withdrawal of the GST on flour. However, the FBR has claimed that there was no imposition of GST on flour.

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