Rawalpindi traders to go on strike today, PTI’s businessmen to open shops


Rawalpindi, 13thJuly: The traders of Rawalpindi would observe strike today 13 July (Saturday) like other parts of the country against price hike and the fiscal policies of the government.
The traders’ central body All Pakistan Markazi Anjuman Tajran has given the call of countrywide strike against unfriendly policies for business , threats and raids by FBR, excessive taxation, uncontrollable price hike and budget announced by the government.
Whereas on the other hand , the major business body Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI)has announced complete indifference from the trader’s strike.
Similarly Tehrik Insaf Traders Wing has also made public that they would not support the strike and would open their shops and businesses as routine.
In this connection President of Markazi Anjuman Tajran , Punjab Shahid Ghafoor Paracha , President of All Pakistan Druggist and Chemists Association Arshad Awan, President Anjuman Tajran Cantt Sheikh Hafeez and General Secretary of People’s Traders Wing Rawalpindi Naveed Kanwal told Online , when contacted , that the “Tajir Ittahad” , a alliance of three main traders’ unions of Rawalpindi as well as some 200 sub unions of small traders of the city also supported the shutter down strike.
The traders leaders said that if the government would not take 13th July strike serious, then all Pakistan traders convention would be summoned to adopt joint future strategy.
The Divisional President of Tehrik Insaf Traders Wing Qaisar Kiyani told this scribe that there is no solid reason behind the strike. He said that the traders are making hue and cry over PRA law and unnamed property but they should remember that the PRA law was introduced during the government of Nawaz Sharif in 2016.
He said that all the three trader leaders who are supporting strike were the candidates on the tickets of PML(N) in the general elections that shows their political affiliation and agenda.
“We do not support the idea of strike but the traders should adopt the way of negotiation with government and FBR representatives to resolve their issues”, he added.

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