Last solar eclipse of 2019 on 26th Dec

MULTAN, Dec 25 (APP):The third and final solar eclipse of 2019 would occur on Thursday.

The solar eclipse would start from 7.30 in morning and would continue till 1.06 in afternoon. A solar eclipse occurs when the disk of the moon appears to cross in front of the disk of the sun, while A total solar eclipse occurs when the disk of the moon blocks 100 percent of the solar disk. However, a partial eclipse occurs when the moon covers only part of the sun.

The experts said that people should stay into their homes as it could harm if watching towards sun and staying under the open sky. A representative of Pakistan Medical Association Multan Dr Sheikh Abdul Khaliq said that citizens should not look directly to the sun during solar eclipse as it could cause
damage their eyes.

Metrological officials said that ultraviolet radiations of solar eclipse could harm skin and eyes and suggested people to use black glasses during the solar eclipse.

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