Law Suit Filed Against Fox news

New York, March 26: Dominion has filed a $1 Billion Dollar lawsuit against Fox News for faking news about them using machines to rig last tears elections that Donald Trump Lost.

This wouldn’t be the first defamation complaint against Fox news, primarily a Conservative news channel. In fact it was previously sued in February for the same reason by another voting machine company: Smartmatic.

Dominion claims that since Donald Trump falsely accused the 2020 elections to be rigged, Fox News has been supporting his claim due to two main reasons: Fox was loosing audience and most of its audience were supporters of the conservative party and Mr. Donald Trump.

Dozens of state and federal rulings, as well as the US Congress, have rejected such allegations.

Along with this, Dominion has also sued Donald Trump’s lawyer, his previous lawyer, Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani; previous Mayor of New York City.

In the 139-page complaint filed Friday in the eastern state of Delaware, the company accuses Fox News of spreading “outlandish, defamatory, and far-fetched fictions” about Dominion.

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