Lawyers stage protest against French Islamophobia

Lahore, 29th October: Protests in Lahore and across Pakistan against French Islamophobia are being held today.

Baaghi TV: Lawyers and civil society in Lahore, staged a protest outside the Lahore High Court, which was attended by Mian Ashraf Asmi Advocate, Ali Imran Shaheen and others.

The protesters said that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) came as a mercy for the whole world, who taught to respect other religions. A Muslim will not tolerate disrespect in the name of the Holy Prophet.

The speakers demanded that Pakistan should immediately end diplomatic relations with France. France’s Islamophobia has become apparent, the international community should also take notice. The Pakistani government should also play its role instead of remaining silent on it and lead the Ummah.

The Muslim Ummah of the world should cancel the import and export orders with France. The actions of the French President have hurt the feelings of the entire Muslim Ummah.

We strongly condemn the blasphemous sketches. The government should clarify its position on the religious issue and raise the issue at the United Nations.


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