Lebanese FM’s first statement after massive blast

Beirut: Lebanese Foreign Minister’s First Statement; Israel will fight with aggression, Lebanon’s new foreign minister has reportedly called for a crackdown on Zionist violations in his first statement.

According to the reports, Sharbal Wahba said on Tuesday that its relations with the United Nations peacekeeping force (UNIFIL) in southern Lebanon, the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1771, Tel Aviv In the face of violations of the law, the demarcation of land and sea borders and the recapture of the occupied area of ​​Shibaa Farms, as well as the Lebanese part of the village of Al-Ghajjar, will be binding.

Referring to the heavy expenditure on Lebanon due to the migration crisis, he said that the Foreign Ministry would try to reduce the huge expenditure on migration to his country through cooperation with the international community.

It should be noted that Nasif Hatti had resigned from the post of Lebanese Foreign Minister yesterday, after which the President and Prime Minister of this country had appointed Sherbal Wahba as the new Foreign Minister.

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