Legendary Pakistani actor Nadeem Baig turns 79 years old


Legendary producer, singer and actor Nadeem Baig of Pakistan Film Industry is celebrating his 79th birthday today.

It may be recalled that actor Nadeem started his career with the film Chakori, which was born on July 19, 1941 in Vijayawada, India.

His fascinating period started with the movie ‘Chakori’ and then his life started moving towards success.
Charming and dignified personality Nadeem Baig is a shining star of the film world.

Interestingly, Nadeem Baig has acted in more than 200 films during his long film career. The romantic duo of Nadeem and Shabnam gave many superhit films.
On the other hand, his timeless and superhit films include ‘Aina, Anari, Pehchan, Lajoab, Qurbani, Dahliz, Sehra Ke Phool, Jab Jab Phool Khele, Zindagi, Playboy’.

He played memorable roles in many memorable films. Many of his films did record business at the box office. He has performed in a number of television dramas as well as films and is still involved in films with television. Nadeem says that Pakistan’s film industry gave him honor and fame.

He said that he could not express in words the happiness he felt with the revival of the film industry in Pakistan. The success of the film industry has allayed many fears.

It should be noted that Nadeem Baig is still shining like a star on the horizon of art.

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