COVID-19: Pakistani actor thanks government for safe return

Islamabad (15th April, 2020): Leading actor, Shamoon Abbasi thanks government of Pakistan for facilitating in return from Thailand. 

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the senior actor has thanked the government of Pakistan for bringing them back from Thailand, however, he has added that the administration of the hotel where they reached upon arrival in Pakistan has behaved disappointingly with them upon their return.

Taking to Facebook, the actor stated, that they had been told that on returning to Pakistan, that they would be staying in Ramada hotel after they had paid approximately 2,352,000 PKR for their tickets. He added, that we were informed at the airport that this includes oyr stay and food while at the hotel, However, the hotel administration is threatening everyone to pay or leave the hotel.

The actor went on to say that they had been informed of a one night stay at the hotel with a guarantee that they could take their tests the following morning and allowed to leave in case the test turns out negative. He added, that despite these claims the hotel staff is forcing us to pay them for the tests. In case we do not pay, they are threatening us to leave.

Shamoon Abbasi revealed that he and his colleagues are deeply saddened at the inhospitable attitude of the hotel management. The actor and his companions have requested the government of Pakistan and other authorities to look into the matter.

Abbasi added, that they are harassed by the hotel administration every ten minutes for the payment and being threatened to leave for Haaji camp if they fail to do so. Abbasi has urged the government to inquire into the incident and find out why the hotel administration has adopted such an attitude, and why they are refusing to conduct the tests for them.

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