LGS Sexual Harassment: Shocking audio recording surfaces

Following the termination of Mrs Shakil as principal of the 1-A/1 branch of Lahore Grammer School (LGS), a shocking audio of the former principal has surfaced in which she is shaming a student for speaking up against sexual harassment at the hands of a male teacher.

LGS teachers exposed for sexually harassing female students

According to reports of Baaghi TV, an audio file has surfaced in which Mrs Shakil is actively shaming the victim for speaking up against her encounter with male teacher, Aitzaz Rehman Sheikh which has been shared on a Facebook page titled, Beti.

Baaghi TV exposes the LGS faculty for their criminal activity

The Facebook story has been captioned, “Mrs. Rubina Shakil. I have lost all respect for you after hearing this recording. You should be ashamed of yourself for belittling a student this way.” The caption goes on to mention that the victimized student wishes to stay anonymous but it is hoped that the audio recording can help justice be served.

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The roughly forty-six seconds long audio, despite the background noise clearly highlights the educator misusing her authority to shame the victim for speaking up against her perpetrator. (Click here to listen to the audio).

LGS Sexual Harassment: Investigative Committee to be formed

The audio starts with Mrs Shakil saying that you can blame whoever you want, to which the student responds by taking Atizaz Rahman’s name. Upon hearing his name, Mrs Shakil goes on to say, “What a thing to say! What a thing to say! Dirty thoughts, one track mind. I would only say that.”

LGS Sexual Harassment: Female teachers acted as ‘Enablers’

The so-called educator goes on to torment the victim by saying that she is accusing the young male teacher “because he is a bachelor! So anyone can stand up and say anything about him? And he is a smart boy, of course he is.”

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Mrs Shakil then continues to belittle the student by putting blame on her, and says, “You tell me, if you are not happy with A levels, why are you here? Why didn’t you shift? There are so many other A level campuses here”.

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Baaghi TV urges the government to take appropriate and strict action against all perpetrators and enablers of the LGS Sexual Harassment scandal. It is high time we show our youth that we can stand with them in this fight against abuse.

Where is our Education System going?

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