Life Tips by Mehreen: It’s All About the Small Moments in Life

Don't take anything in life for granted, each moment needs to be cherished.

When I was small there were so many moments of my life I used to love, like wearing my favorite dress, playing with dolls, having a lollipop or going to the zoo. While growing up and getting busier I started forgetting to enjoy these small moments.

It’s the same pattern that we all tend to follow and when we reach our middle age all of a sudden we realize what we missed. The small moments of our life that we stop taking notice of, never come back. Life is too short to be taken easy and for granted, so we should make the most of it and be thankful to God for bestowing us with our life.

I remember having an ice cream in winter when I was young, it was an activity I would divulge in whenever elders weren’t around, I remember the carefree persona I used to have, the nonchalant little child who had no worries. But now, reaching a certain age this simple task of eating an ice cream seems like a venture next to impossible, as every second that it takes lick an ice cream, I am reminded of a task or a duty that needs to be done, because I am no longer that nonchalant little girl with zero responsibilities.

We humans always let go of small moments in pursuit of bigger ones. What we need to understand is that these small instances give us real pleasure and satisfaction if we feel them.

We humans always let go of small moments in pursuit of bigger ones. What we need to understand is that these small instances give us real pleasure and satisfaction if we feel them.

Mehreen Saqib Blogger & Influencer

So many moments delight us like dancing to music, standing in the rain, running around in fields even walking zigzag along a path. May it be sitting idly with friends and cousins, sharing story books, magazines or DVDs among siblings, all of these little gestures are worth giving joy.

The real question though is, how many of us treasure such small moments above the bigger ones?

I believe that childhood and youth are the two stages of life that a person is at their happiest, as we get busy in our practical lives and start growing up, we start thinking like a maturer person and put aside the feelings we felt as little kids but, in this process we lose the fun part of our lives, we end up losing that ‘child’ in ourselves in pursuit of becoming that ‘adult’ we had always imagined to be.

We grow just a little more serious, a little less happier and a lot more quieter as we believe it will make us look more adult-like.

Counting stars now may seem like a childish thing to do, yet in our hearts it still holds that charm to it and one just can’t help but feel pleasure in doing so.

Counting stars now may seem like a childish thing to do, yet in our hearts it still holds that charm to it and one just can't help but feel pleasure in doing so.

Mehreen Saqib Blogger & Influencer

These are just the small gestures that keep us alive and youthful, they keep us away from the brink of insanity because of the troubles we have faced in life and remind us of the good, the simple and the happy times in life.

We don’t need to be sober all the time, in my opinion having fun and cherishing the small moments of one’s life is what a happy and a contented life could be.

I had adored the moments during winter when my family members and I used to sit around the fire, eating peanuts and peeling oranges. There was warmth all around. It was here, when I felt secure and loved and it felt like home.

When I set foot in my practical life, I somehow forgot to feel the warmth in such situations, forgot to realize how calm it used to feel and in failing to do so, I would comfort myself by reiterating that I had to act like an adult who has other more “serious” tasks to perform in life rather than sitting and lazing around.

Gone are those people and those precious moments, now every one, including me, is busy performing our own activities, creating our own space. The question that arises here is why can’t we just treasure small moments of our lives rather than waiting for something big to happen?

If a person in distress can cry his/her heart out to a friend, no other feeling could give that person more pleasure than sharing his/her worries to his/her best buddy. It is just a matter of a few minutes that you can spend with your friend and just listen to them.

The problem is, every one of us in this era is running around with our own issues and don’t take out time for others, and in this process, we have stopped caring for others ultimately losing our own happiness as well.

Remember: We need to look out for people around us, because catering to their happiness and wellbeing will create a happy space for us as well thus, enlightening our hearts.

When I was in my twenties I got busy in raising my kids and hence, forgot to experience the joy of the little events, like going out for a late night walk with my partner and rather waited for him to take me out for a vacation. Although I could have enjoyed that small walk of warmth and love filled with deep conversations about anything and everything, I let go of that moment in hopes of my long awaited vacation. What did I miss in this? It was that minute feeling of contentment that I just let go of.

When your children smile at you, that is such a sweet moment, their happiness on getting what they demanded, their delightfulness on going to their favorite holiday spot is worth treasuring.

Mehreen Saqib Blogger & Influencer

Stop, stop and just cherish this moment, capture that expression in your heart forever, the twinkle in those eyes and that smile of satisfaction, remember it because kids grow up really fast and when you realize this, it’s a bit too late because then, they are gone far from you embarked on their own journey.

For more details related to this topic, check out my Vlog on, Mehreens Corner, which might help you to understand in greater depth. I have pointed out some very simple examples to keep you happy and merry. Hope you watch and comment on my video.

There was a time in my life when I was so occupied, as is so with most of us, that I couldn’t properly take out time for my parents as well. I used to put other chores and duties above visiting my mum and dad. I always had so much to do, running around for my kids’ school, or my husband’s social gathering that I just skipped looking after my parents. Now, when my dad is not around anymore I feel like a part of me is gone with him and the sad part is that I cannot bring back all those lost moments. If I had simply cut down my activity for that specific day, I might have enjoyed more time being in my parents company and given them pleasure too.

This is such a dilemma of every body’s life, we repent after the moment has moved on.

Materialistic things should be secondary in this world, what matters is people’s gestures and feelings towards others. Presenting a flower to somebody or giving them chocolates, are very simple ways of showing our love and care for another person. What we need to do is just show little signs of tenderness and fondness for those close to us. These gestures are enough to create long lasting joys in your life and in that of the other individual.

Remember: You don’t have to shower expensive gifts on others to make them happy.

Why can’t we just live in a simple manner and make things easy for ourselves and ultimately for others too? Simple things create memories and good memories are worth living, providing us with happy moments to be cherished for an eternity.

I have realized after reaching my mid life that I lost many moments which could have been treasured, so my sincere advice to everyone out there is to create happiness in your life, start taking delight in the small daily affairs of your life and don’t just wait for something big or something significant to happen to you.

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As clearly said by Marcus Aurelius, a Roman Emperor (from 161 to 180) and a stoic philosopher, a life full of moments to cherish is the real life to live and the one devoid of such moments is worse than death.

It's you alone who can turn a small moment into something worthwhile in your life which could in turn give you eternal happiness and contention. By doing so, you can keep yourself happy with small smiles along your way creating love and care all around.

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