Limited flight details are being released maliciously: Spokesperson PALPA

Karachi: Spokesman PALPA demanded a transparent and impartial investigation into the plane crash cases, saying that limited flight-related details are being released maliciously, according to reports.

According to details, spokesman PALPA has demanded from Prime Minister, Imran Khan, that the Governor of Punjab fulfill their promise made to the families of the martyred pilots, in reference to the PIA PK-8303, which crashed into a residential area near Karachi Airport, killing all the passengers.

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The spokesperson said that the PIA should ensure a transparent and impartial investigation into the plane crash case. The release of letters, reports and audio-video from the concerned agencies would be tantamount to affecting the investigation. Video leaks of runways being built in a safe place like an airport are being questioned.

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Spokesperson PALPA said that only the details related to the accident which were based on the pilot’s steps were leaked. “Poor planning, action against PALPA and other organizations, long flight duties affect a pilot’s performance,” he said.

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