Longest day of the year.


Islamabad, June 21: The summer solstice is finally here. Friday, June 21 will be the longest day of the calendar year for anyone living north of the equator.
The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere is known as the summer solstice and falls on June 21. This is the longest day of 2019 and the shortest night of 2019.
As from 22nd June , the day would started shortening . On 21 September , the day and night would have equal time . Similarly 21st December would be the shortest day of the calendar year and from 22nd December the day time will be get lengthening . Again on 21st April the day and night would fall equal.
The summer solstice is when the countries in the Northern Hemisphere enjoy long hot days and short warm nights. Today, June 21, is the longest yet relatively hot day of the year in 2019. The northern hemisphere will enjoy extended hours of sunlight because of the position of the sun
The summer solstice is also known as midsummer and happens when the Earth’s north pole reaches its maximum tilt toward the Sun.

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