Loss of Billions of rupees due to banned TLP’s stubbornness and violent protests


Lahore: Trillions of rupees lost due to stubbornness and violent protests of banned TLP, dozens of families destroyed.

According to reports, stubbornness and violent protests of banned TLPs in the country have caused trillions of rupees to the nation. Economists and institutions say days of violent protests have pushed the country far behind

Meanwhile, sources said that the country’s largest and most expensive mass transit project has been severely damaged due to violent protests by the banned Tehreek-e-Libek in Lahore, the capital of Punjab. According to Punjab Mass Transit Authority officials, some stations and tracks of Lahore Orange Line Meter train have been severely damaged. Due to this, despite the decision of Punjab government, Orange Line Meter train service has not been restored yet.

Officials say the resumption of train service has been further disrupted due to the risk of an accident. After repairing the affected stations and re-testing the track, the Orange Line train will run again.

On the other hand, according to police officials, dozens of families have been destroyed in Punjab, Sindh, KP and Balochistan as a result of violent protests by the banned TLP.

It is also being reported that in some places markets and shops were set on fire and in other places cars, buses, cars and rickshaws were set on fire.

Investigators say the information they are gathering on the national tragedy is alarmingly disturbing, suggesting that banned TLP activists displayed such hatred and bigotry during the protests. That he did not forgive any poor and helpless person who came forward and tried to harm him as much as possible.

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