France has realized it’s Mistake: Senior Journalist Mubashir Lucman

Lahore: After France’s statement, it seems that France has realized its mistake.

According to reports, senior journalist Mubashir Lucman has interpreted the message from the French embassy to the Pakistani government as good news in the future.

Senior journalist Mubashir Lucman, after reviewing an important message from the French embassy in Pakistan on social networking site Twitter, said that he is looking forward to some good news in the future.

Mubashir Lucman says that the message from the French embassy could mean that, as a democracy, it believes in providing equal rights to all sections of the population and rejects any extremism in society.

Mubashir Lucman says the words suggest that the French government will try to ensure that there is no further hatred or insults against any other religion or important holy figures in its country in the future.

He said that if France demands this from Pakistan then it will have to be a model of these expectations only then can it say something with confidence to someone else.

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