LPG dealers go on strike

KARACHI 20th July: Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) distributors and dealers, who supply fuel worth Rs20-25 million per day in Karachi alone, started an indefinite shutter-down strike in the port city on Friday.

“LPG plants, which number around 15-20 in Karachi including those being run by companies listed at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), had to shut down when not a single distributor reached them to collect supplies,” LPG Action Committee Chairman Ishaq Khan told The Express Tribune.

They staged the strike against alleged harassment of LPG distributors and dealers by police for over two weeks now, he said.

Police had arrested dozens of people involved in the business, alleging they were selling explosive material in the city, he said.

“If LPG distributors and dealers are selling prohibited explosives, then the crackdown should have been launched nationwide, which is not the case. Karachi is the only city where police are harassing us,” he said.

Elaborating, he said police had launched the crackdown on those selling explosive material, betel leaf and betel nuts in the city and counted LPG distributors and dealers among those involved in the business of prohibited goods.

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