Lucman in Talks with a Famous Astro-Palmist on Pandemic Situation

Mubasher Lucman, the renowned anchorperson of Pakistan, always show a ray of hope in difficult times. Whatsoever are the hard times, his aim is to always create positivity among people.

A recent video on Mubasher Lucman Official YouTube channel showcases an interview with a famous Astro-Palmist of Pakistan. Muazzam Khan, the palmist talks about his prediction on the pandemic and its eviction and changing political scenario in the country.

Yesterday an interesting video surfaced on his YouTube channel, where a famous Numerologist Mr. Kannan gave his predictions on COVID-19 according to his studies.

COVID-19: Pandemic may subside from May onwards

Today also the prediction seems to be in favor of Pakistan. According to the knowledge and analysis of Mr. Moazzam, Pakistan will get out of trouble after the 22nd of April and the strength of the virus will phase out.

As he had informed in an earlier video the initial part of 2020 was supposed to be difficult for Pakistan but the second half of the year would show a lot of recovery and improvement. Things will get back to normal and the businesses are expected to get back on track.

Digitalized World after Pandemic: Mubasher Lucman

According to his predictions, the flights would start resuming from May onward and the tourism will resume world wide. America and Europe will face the problem by the end of 2020.

The year 2020 is a tough one politically, as a number of political changes are on the cards. Saudi Crown Prince will, in particular, be facing big turmoil and prediction is the odds would go against him.

Pakistani government and politics will be red hot in the month of May. The PM Imran Khan would face a lot of resistance and in house pressure, things don’t tend to ease out for him in the near future.

But overall this year would turn out good for Pakistan and it would be a redefinition of Pakistan for the betterment hopefully by the grace of Almighty.

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