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Lahore, 25th Feb: According to the reports of Baaghi TV, Mubasher Lucman posted a video on his Official YouTube channel today, revealing the inside facts of the US President, Donald Trump’s visit to India.

According to the reports, Donald Trump along with his First Lady, Melania Trump are on a two day visit to India. India gave them a very warm welcome and the city of Ahmedabad, where Trump is expected to stay, is fully decorated and renovated for the US President.

Narendra Modi however, has faced some disappointments from this tour, all the events are not going as per his expectations, and he had to face embarrassment in front of the US President, all these facts are disclosed by Mubasher Lucman in this video:


The situation in the Indian capital Delhi, has taken a worse turn and the protests have become deadly on account of the Citizenship Amendment law. Almost 10 people have been killed in these clashes in the north-eastern part of Delhi, which is quite near to where the President Trump is having his meetings with the high officials.

As mentioned by Mubasher Lucman in his video, the protestors have been chanting that they do not intend to fight anyone, but only claim to have their citizenship restored. However, they have been brutally tortured.

Around 200 women, who took out a rally in Delhi against this act were being beaten and harassed by the goons of RSS. In an answer to the women’s rally, an extremist BJP leader, Kapil Mishra lead a rally too during the night and created havoc in the area.

Narendra Modi has spent almost one billion Indian Rupees to please Trump, but Modi was not prepared for the shock that trump broke on him during his speech on the inaugural ceremony of the Motera Stadium, in front of one hundred thousand spectators.

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Trump stated that the US has smooth relations with Pakistan and resolving the Kashmir issue between both the countries will bring peace and prosperity to the region. After listening to this, many people started to leave the stadium, as reported by Mubasher Lucman.

Echoing Modi’s lobbying and diplomacy campaign, Mubasher Lucman said that Modi wanted to give the impression to Trump that the Indian votes will prove very substantial to him in the US presidential election and so Trump would speak India’s language.

However, they are not aware that the safe return of the US Troops from Afghanistan is more important than the US elections right now. Trump made his speech in a very careful manner.

Mubashar Lucman spoke openly, that Afghanistan is very important to the US now and Trump’s visit to India has proven beneficial to Pakistan.

Despite the Indian clashes in Delhi and brutality in Kashmir, Trump has signed a 3 billion dollar contract with India, as stated by Mubasher Lucman. How far will this step be beneficial to Modi, is to be seen?

Our Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, has also expressed the same views and said that the relations between the US and Pakistan have become better, Trump’s admiration for Pakistan in India and the change in the travel advisory for Pakistan, all are positive signs for our country.

Addressing the Kashmir issue, Mubasher Lucman says that Trump has proposed a truce thrice to India, but will it work, is still not known?

At the end of his video message, Mubasher Lucman makes an appeal for the Kashmiris, who have been under a lockdown for more than 200 days now, which is inhumane. He says the matter now rests in Trump’s hand to negotiate for freedom of the Kashmiris from the Indian atrocities.

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