Lunar Eclipse to be Observed tonight in Pakistan


Friday, June 5th: According to astronomers, there will be a lunar eclipse between the nights of June 5 and 6 and it will also be seen in Pakistan.

Eclipses will be seen in different countries including Pakistan and 90 percent color fire is also likely to be seen in Karachi. According to the Director of Science and Technology, the lunar eclipse will take place between 10 pm and 5:55 pm on June 5 and 6. The eclipse will be at its peak at 12:25 and will end at 2:04.

Earlier, a lunar eclipse had taken place on January 10 this year which was observed in several Asian countries including Pakistan, India, Africa, West and Australia. The lunar eclipse started at 10:07 pm and continued till 2:12 am. The sun is also likely to have an eclipse this month. The eclipse will take place on June 21. The eclipse will begin at 8:40 am on June 21.


The shadow of the earth that falls on the surface of the moon during the rotation of the earth between the moon and the sun and the moon becomes dark, is called lunar eclipse.

Types of lunar eclipses

1- Full moon eclipse
2-Partial lunar eclipse

A lunar eclipse is sometimes partial and sometimes complete because it depends on its rotation. Since both the earth and the moon receive light from the sun, the earth revolves around the sun in its fixed orbit and the moon revolves around the earth in its orbit. Rotates

The shadow of the moon and the earth comes between the sun twice a year and its shadow falls on each other. If the shadow falls on the moon then the lunar eclipse and if the sun falls on the sun then the eclipse is visible on the earth.

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