Malaysia tax authority has ordered convicted Ex-PM Razak to pay his tax dues or face bankruptcy

Kuala Lumpur, April 7 2021: Najib Razak, ex prime minister of Malaysia, lost power in 2018 when his party was defeated at polls after his involvement in financial scandal was revealed. He is now facing bankruptcy for allegedly failing to pay more than $400 million in taxes, which could bring his political career to an end.

Razak and his accomplices are accused of stealing billions from the state’s wealth investment fund. He has since been convicted and sentenced to 12 years in jail in the first of several trials he is facing over the fraud.

Najib who is now on bail and still remains an MP, was ordered by a court to pay $409million in taxes owed. He says tax officials issued a notice demanding he settle the bill, plus additional costs, otherwise they will launch bankruptcy proceedings. The 67-year-old insisted he had always paid his taxes, and that the case against him is politically motivated. “I will continue to stand up and fight against every attempt to bully and intimidate me by those in power,” he wrote on Facebook, adding he had asked his lawyers to try to get the proceedings halted.

Should the authorities succeed in the bankruptcy declaration, the ex-premier will lose his seat in parliament and be barred from future electoral process. Despite his involvement in the 1MDB scandal, Najib is still a popular figure, with more than four million Facebook followers. He began an appeal against his conviction over the 1MDB scandal last year and continues to deny any wrongdoing.

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