Malik Riaz denies the allegations against him in the Uzma Khan torture case

Lahore, 31st May: Malik Riaz has denied the allegations leveled against him in the Uzma Khan torture case.

According to Baaghi TV, Malik Riaz has sent a legal notice to Hassan Niazi through his lawyer Azhar Siddique Advocate.

Malik Riaz claims that the allegations by Uzma Khan’s lawyer Hassan Niazi are false and baseless.

Malik Riaz has asked Hassan Niazi to ask for an unconditional apology and directs for a written assurance not to make any allegations within 7 days.

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Azhar Siddique, his advocate has said that Malik Riaz did not offer any money on this issue and that all allegations against Malik Riaz are false and baseless and his reputation is being damaged.

Malik Riaz’s lawyer has claimed that Uzma Khan’s lawyer Hassan Niazi wants to gain cheap fame by making allegations against Malik Riaz.

Hassan Niazi should immediately refute fabricated allegations against Malik Riaz and should withdraw his statement on Malik Riaz’s contempt, according to Azhar Siddique his advocate.


Malik Riaz’s lawyer claims that Hassan Niazi should pay Rs 5 billion for damaging Malik Riaz’s honor. Hassan Niazi should follow all instructions of Malik Riaz or else action will be taken against him.

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