Malik Riaz should pay the dues of former employees of Aap News before Eid: President Press Club Lahore

Lahore: Arshad Ansari, President Press Club Lahore, while appealing to Malik Riaz and others, said that all media owners should immediately pay the salaries and arrears of employees before Eid, otherwise a protest movement would be launched and in case of non-payment of dues, protests would be staged at all levels.

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Arshad Ansari on the occasion said that it is not a good idea to withhold the salaries of the workers. Meanwhile, the governing body of Lahore Press Club condemned the non-payment of dues to the former employees of Aap News and said that Malik Riaz, owner of Bahria Town and other businesses, is one of the richest men in Pakistan yet surprisingly, reluctant to pay the workers’ dues.

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Lahore Press Club President Arshad Ansari, Senior Vice President Rai Hasnain Tahir, Vice President Gaddafi Butt, Secretary Babardogar, Joint Secretary Hafiz Faiz Ahmed, Treasurer Zahid Sherwani, Member Governing Body Shahid Chaudhry, Diba Mirza, Imran Sheikh, Furqan Elahi, Hasnain Chaudhry Mohammad Mohi-ud-Din, Hassan Teymour, Tariq Mahmood and Amjad Farooq Klu said in a statement that it was “extremely worrying” that Malik Riaz was not living up to his written promise. First Malik Riaz shut down Aap News without any notice, then promised the workers in writing that he would pay all the dues.

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In this regard, he himself set a date, according to which, one month’s salary of the workers was to be paid by April 15th, while the salary of the notice period was to be paid by April 22. He also promised to pay half the salary to all the workers every month for three months till the 5th of every month but, surprisingly, while Malik Riaz paid only one salary, the salary for the notice period is not given till date.

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He further said that these are not the files of Bahria Town, which you can squander, this is the money of the oppressed people, this is the blood and sweat of the media workers, and we will not rest until we receive every penny. He added that this situation is unbearable. We want to make it clear to Malik Riaz that he should make sure that their salaries are paid before Eid. Otherwise we will protest at every level for the rights of our workers.

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In addition, President Arshad Ansari said that all media owners should shake their conscience and start paying the salaries and other dues of the workers immediately before Eid, otherwise a protest movement will be launched against them.

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