Man arrested for ‘blackmailing, raping’ nurse for two years in Rawalpindi


Rawalpindi police has arrested a man over accusations of raping a nurse and threatening to share her private pictures on social media on Friday.

According to reports of Baaghitv, Rawalpindi police has arrested Yasir Altaf, the accused who owns a car showroom at Chandi Chowk, following the accusation of rape and threatening a nurse for two years, working in government hospital.

An First Information Report FIR has been registered against accused Yasir Altaf, who trapped a girl into sex by promising her of marriage two years ago. Ever since, Yasir Altaf has been blackmailing her into sharing her objectionable images on social media and hospital where the young girl worked at.

An FIR of extorting Rs.35,000 has also been registered against accused Yasir Altaf, who has extortion-ed the said amount on different time period from the young girl.

The victim succumbed to pressure tactics for two years but she refused to accept this following the sex-abuse in his car at the parking of hospital three days ago, where she was raped at gun-point. Following that incident, she reported to Police at Ghauri Town, after which the police arrested accused for blackmailing, raping the nurse.

Superintendent Ghauri Town Ziauddi said, the further progress will be done after the production of accused before a court for his physical remand.

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