‘Pakistan has stolen my heart’, says outgoing Chinese envoy

China’s Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) in Pakistan Lijian Zhao said on Friday, he is leaving Pakistan ”with heavy heart”.

According to reports of Baaghitv, Chinese envoy to Pakistan who is due to leave after completing his service in Islamabad, took to twitter to express his gratitude to Pakistanis for their kind treatment of him.

Chinese Deputy Chief of Mission in Pakistan (DCM) Lijian Zhao first came to Pakistan in 1990 and served on a junior post. He then served in Afghanistan and United Kingdom and then came back in Islamabad after the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project was launched.

Zhao was originally born in the Hebei province, China in 1972. He obtained a master’s degree in political affairs and joined the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1996. As a junior diplomat, he has served in Washington.

He became a popular figure in diplomatic circles in Islamabad following his appointment as Deputy Chief of Mission in 2015, when he successfully projected the CPEC projects on social media following the confusion and rumors on social media about the CPEC projects

Pang Chunxue has been appointed as the Chinese embassy’s new deputy chief of mission, replacing the outgoing Zhao.

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