Man dies due to ‘doctors’ negligence’ at Islamabad hospital

ISLAMABAD 26th June: A 35-year-old man died due to alleged negligence of doctors at a private hospital in Islamabad on Tuesday.

The victim’s Baz Mohammad family members , took to the street to protest against the Quaid-i-Azam International Hospital and demanded the police department to take immediate action of the heinous crime.

According to the victimized family, Baz was suffering from multiple illnesses while being under treatment at the hospital for the past few days. They also accused the hospital of allegedly putting the victim  on ventilator for looting the family, even after his death.
However, the hospital administration has denied all allegations.
Meanwhile, Baz’s nephew Raees, said that his uncle was admitted to the hospital, after he was diagnosed with intestine infection and had surgery done after paying Rs400,000.

After the operation, he said that his uncles condition deterioreted and he had to under go four more surgeries, which the hospital charged them Rs3.7 million.

Mean while, the hospital administration claimed that a doner paid the entire bill and not the patient.

Later, the family members concluded their protest after heavy negotiations with the police high ups.


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