Man Electrocuted in DHA Succumbs to Injuries.

Lahore (9th July, 2019): Man who had gotten electrocuted in sector-XX, DHA, Lahore after he  accidentally came in contact with a 132,000 KV high tension wire, succumbs to his injuries.

According to Baaghi TV’s reporter, the victim had been attempting to fix a hanging vine with a metal wire when he accidentally winged the metal wire a little higher than expected, as a result touching the high tension wire leading to a huge explosion. The victim received severe burns due to the explosion as well as the gas meters catching on fire that caused a power outage in the area as well.

It has been confirmed by Baaghi TV’s correspondent that the man has succumbed to his injuries. The victim was under treatment in Jinnah Hospital, and hailed from Sargodha. According to sources, the victim was neither provided adequate treatment nor given due attention because of a lack of funds, which caused him to loose his life. The victim passed away last night in severe pain and anguish.

Pictured above is the victim immediately after the accident
Notice how close the main line is to the point where the victim actually got electrocuted and his clothes caught fire. The black mark on the roof is where the victim was sitting.

Although the fire Brigade and Rescue 1122 had been immediately informed and arrived in a timely response, helping to neutralize the patient and the situation, however, had the hospital staff and the victim’s employers taken time out to treat the victim on time, the victim may have been able to survive.


Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates.

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