Man sentenced to death for raping a minor


Special Children’s Court Judge Wasim Ahmed sentenced Rustam Ali to death. The police had registered a case of rape and murder against the accused. The court heard witnesses’ statements and then ruled.

According to the FIR, the accused was a domestic worker and had raped a 6-year-old girl. Police had registered a case against the accused and arrested him.

It should be noted that the incidence of child and women abuse has increased in Pakistan over the past few days. Consumers on social media are calling for the death penalty for those who abuse children and women, and for such criminals to be hanged in public. The PPP is opposed to the Public execution.

The government is considering a law to punish perpetrators of rape, which has also been announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The Prime Minister is in favor of impunity for rape offenders. The government has decided to bring in a law to end the sexual ability of rape offenders.

Prime Minister Imran, while supporting the motorway abuse case and public execution of child abusers, said that such people should be hanged on the square.

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