The US bans two Iranian companies and 47 individuals

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Baaghi TV reports that tensions between the United States and Iran are rising rather than falling. The United States has once again imposed sanctions on two Iranian agencies, an intelligence agency and several individuals.

The United States and Iran have been rivals for years, and since the martyrdom of General Qasim Soleimani, tensions between the United States and Iran have risen sharply. The Islamic Republic of Iran has been described by US officials as a threat to human rights and global cyber security.

The United States has imposed sanctions on 47 Iranian individuals and entities involved in the cyber network under Executive Order 13553, one of which is a company called Front and the other is Rana Intelligence. The United States has said it will impose sanctions until the volatile agenda is removed.

Three months ago, the United States banned Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli, accusing him of “grave human rights abuses.”

Washington also banned seven people, including the provincial commander of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran (IRGC) and senior officials of the Law Enforcement Force (LEF), according to AFP. US officials have accused several Iranian companies of being involved in the energy, construction, technology, services and banking industries.

US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Meuchen said: “The Iranian government is exerting violent pressure on the Iranian people through physical and psychological abuse.” He said that the United States will hold accountable all those officials and institutions who oppress and abuse their own people.

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