Mani broke off Hira’s Engagement and Married Her


Actor and host Salman Saqib Sheikh, alias Mani, says that broke off his wife Hira’s engagement and married her.

In an interview, the popular actor said that he used to talk to Hira’s friend and when once he asked her to meet up, Hira also came along and after that he started liking Hira.

Mani said that it was Hira’s friend who gave me her number and when she talked to him, she told him that she had four brothers and all four were bodybuilders.

During the show, Hira said that her parents suspected that she was talking to Mani instead of her fiancé at night.

Mani further said that he forced Hira to break the engagement and suggested that they get married instead. I too this step and spoke to her family and after her father saw me, he agreed to the marriage, he said.

Hira Mani said that after the wedding, Mani took her on honeymoon with the “salaami” money and Mani’s 3 cousins ​​also joined them. Mani stated that he suggested that should go together on a group tour.

It should be noted that Hira and Mani married in 2008 and now have 2 sons.

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