Mark Zuckerberg is a Threat to Democracy: Hillary Clinton

LOS ANGELES (3rd Nov, 2019): American politician, Hillary Rodham Clinton has urged the public to make Mark Zuckerberg pay a price after refusal to ban Facebook political ads.

According to details, Hillary Clinton discussed the importance of data security with the filmmakers at a screening of the Netflix documentary,The Great Hack. She criticized CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and said, “Mark Zuckerberg should pay a price for false Facebook ads.”

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While praising Twitter, Clinton added, “Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg should follow the steps of Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey who banned political ads from Twitter.” She also claimed that Mark Zuckerberg is a big threat to democracy and he should pay a price for what he is doing to our democracy.”

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Reportedly, the documentary covers how the data mining company used Facebook to manipulate multiple democracies in electoral processes, including the 2016 United States presidential election and Brexit.

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