Markets witnessing rush for buying woollen clothes

ISLAMABAD, Dec 4 (APP): As mercury dropped, the sale of woollen clothes both new and second-hand has gain momentum elsewhere in the country including capital city where stalls of winter clothes and sale points of shoes witness huge rush of customers.

The demand of woollen wears has created heavy rush in country markets especially the make-shift shops set up their temporary stalls to attract the customers with offering discount rate clothing wears and other winter related accessories.

According to Market retailers, both poor and rich people are thronging markets, weekly bazaars and other shopping malls to buy winter clothes.

“There is no other option except to buy winter clothes, when the cold and chilly breeze was blowing” said a citizen while purchasing woolen stuff for kids in local market.

A Market retailer hoped that winter season had always been very severe and our sales have doubled and we expect that in the coming days these sales will go up further.

A visitor observed that all kinds of wears and accessories, including gloves, woolen hats, mufflers, pullovers, sweater shirts and jackets are seen hanging at shops and booths of weekly bazaars to attract

Stalls of winter clothes and sales points of shoes also can be witnessed at Melody Market, Karachi Company, Shopkeepers are looking busy in doing a roaring business at these woolen stuffs, said Ali Musa.

A stall owner said that people preferred to buy used clothes as these were much cheaper than the new ones.

“We purchase these clothes in bulk and sort out well conditioned jackets, sweaters and other items for the customers,” said a vendor.

A Shopkeeper in Famous shopping mall also claimed that with the start of winter season jackets, sweaters, mufflers leather jackets and even woolen socks were in great demand nowadays with variety of design .

Another attractive item in woollen wear is woollen Kurtis for girls where number of females are rushing and purchasing the shirts for themselves and their friends as well, said a retailer in Online shopping platform.

These Kurtis are as warm as sweaters and are available in various colors, he added.

Apart from these varieties, woollen leggings for kids are also available and selling like hot cakes, a female customer said.

Beside this the sale of hand-made traditional cultural dresses, caps, waistcoats and Chugha (long coat) also reaches its peak in chilly winter season as these warm cultural dresses are made from sheep wool where a large number of national and foreign visitors come to this market and take keen interest in cultural dresses shopping.

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