Maryam Nawaz Calls out Imran Khan


Lahore, 11th December: Don’t take my revenge on the people! But what did Maryam Nawaz say to the Prime Minister?

According to Baaghi TV, Muslim League N leader Maryam Nawaz claimed that people were mocking then saying that Imran Khan would now go after the hoteliers.

Maryam Nawaz explained that people were saying that after the people of the country, Imran Khan would attack the hotel men because of which there is a sense of panic and fear amongst the people.

Maryam Nawaz added, “Don’t avenge me from the people, never seen a government stoop so low.”

A case has been registered against the hotel where Maryam Nawaz had dined for violating Corona SOPs.

Cases have been registered at Achrah, Gualmandi and Lohari police station after Maryam Nawaz went to rally. Which includes violation of Corona SOPs, roadblock, provisions of provocative speeches. Hundreds of league workers have been named in the cases.

The rally was held from Gujumata to Data Darbar under the leadership of Pakistan Muslim League Noon leader Maryam Nawaz, to invite people to attend the Gissah-Minar Pakistan meeting.

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