Mass Killing Started In Kashmir

Srinagar: A few days after New Delhi dispatched tens of thousands of militias to Kashmir; put the sector under a lock down; arrested hundreds of prominent Kashmiris; revoked Article 370, the constitutional provision assuring autonomy to Indian-administered Kashmir; forked the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Indian forces have started massacre of the Kashmiri Muslims.

According to the latest reports, Indian troops are forcefully entering in the houses and killing the Kashmiris. In the video it can be seen that Indian soldiers are taking the Kashmiris out of their homes after viciously killing them.

Abdullah Gul, son of Pakistan’s former Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) DG Hamid Gul, in his message quoted Quaid’s statement saying, “Quaid-e-Azam ordered the army to march towards Kashmir.” Pointing towards Imran Khan, he said that now we too should reach out to help the Kashmiris.

Abdullah Gul added in a tweet message that despite Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s order, we are only providing diplomatic, moral and political support. Is this not an injustice? He further commented on Imran Khan’s statement: “If anyone attacks on Pakistan, we will strongly respond,” saying that, “Is Kashmir not a part of Pakistan?” He further questioned that, “Is this the method Tipu Sultan followed?”


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  1. Mian J, Tariq says

    Since Modi has become the prime minister of India, discrimination towards minorities in that country has increased. The world should see what Modi did in Gujrat where he was the head of provincial state. I feel strongly UNO is not doing its job what it is supposed to do. If the problem of East Timor can be solved in less than two decades, why can not poor Kashmiris get their right of self determination in more than 7 decades. Is it might is right? If that is the case India should remember the fall down of their fighter jets a few months ago by the much smaller neighboring country Pakistan. I will request the head of UNO to step up and resolve the Kashmir issue according the wishes of Kashmiris and not the way Modi wants.

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