Mass shooting in Texas Hours after President Biden’s address against gun violence “epidemic”

Bryan, United States, April 9 2021: According to police authorities in the city of Bryan, Texas, there has been a shooting incident at a business in the city. Following the emergency call made after the shooting, several victims were rushed to hospital after being shot

This happened just hours after US President Joe Biden called gun violence an “epidemic” and unveiled plans to tackle the crisis. Jason James, a spokesperson for the local police department said, “We received a call about a shooting… Officers responded, they found several victims, and they were checking the area, checking the buildings, looking for more victims.”

They said the suspect was still at large and the situation was a dynamic one.The police force tweeted that all victims had been taken to local hospitals, adding that the shooting was still an active investigation. Six people were wounded with several in critical condition, according to local press, which reported that the shooting occurred at a manufacturing facility for Kent Moore Cabinets. The attack follows recent mass shootings in Colorado, Georgia and California.

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