Mathira Reacts on Explicit Leaked Video Scandal [WATCH]

Mathira: Explicit Leaked Videos Go Viral on Internet [WATCH]

The controversial Pakistani host and television personality Mathira came under criticism last night after her alleged nude videos were leaked which went viral on social media.

According to the details, the media personality who is considered to be one of the most controversial figures in Pakistan’s media industry expressed dissatisfaction with some of the viral videos, claiming them to be fabricated and fake.

The scandalous actress took to her Instagram to explain the situation. The 29-year-old host shared some screenshots of a chat with one of her fans who was giving negative comments on her viral videos. In her Instagram stories, the starlet added captions saying that the videos being circulated on social media are doctored with her face being pasted on ‘using face app’ or editing.

Mathira: Explicit Leaked Videos Go Viral on Internet

In one of the screenshots, Mathira has claimed that she will be taking a legal action against it if need be and that such gestures should have consequences. She went as far as to claim that it was for the sake of defaming her.

Three explicit videos have been circulated on social media in which the controversial actress is allegedly seen showing off her curves. Mathira has confirmed that two of them were posted publicly by her on Snapchat, however, the third one is morphed in which the actress is seen without her clothes. However, the social media users and the people aren’t ready to believe because of her questionable personality and controversial past.

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“The other two videos are mine because I posted them publicly on Snapchat but a stupid and nude one is edited and not me. My body is tattooed everywhere and so are my fingers. Please stop this nonsense. Whoever edited this will be punished, InshAllah,” Mathira wrote on her official Instagram profile.

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