Why Me? Vs. Knowledge and Intellect

We often ask, why me? In the lives of some people, this is the most asked question from themselves, from the people, and from God even. In life, a person sometimes suffers from unique traumatic situations that none of his family and friends is going through. In such a situation, he asks God why this is happening to only me.

Questioning “why me” has become very common these days. It happens irrespective of age group and walk of life. It starts with one unexpected event and becomes the habit, questioning why me? For an instance, if a student is doing really hard but he does not get the grades he expects and his friend is not doing that much effort but getting good enough grades. The first will start questioning “why me” in his distress.

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Similarly, if all of his friends and relatives have got good jobs but he is the only one who is still unemployed and doing hard work to get the job. In such a case, a question arises “Why me?” All of his relatives are living a good life but he is suffering, his hard work is not paying off. All of his friends are married but his path to marriage (he desires) is still hazardous, despite being handsome and highly educated, he is not getting married. He will question Why Me? These are the normal cases with today’s youth.

A young man always has high ambitions and several plans in his mind but he does not have a single penny to put it into practice. On the other hand, the son of a goldsmith is playing with wealth without any special mental ability. Why this is so?

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A baby is born with a disability in the home of a very honest, capable, and dutiful government official. He is one of those children who have to handle every moment and who can’t stand on his own two feet and defecate all his life. So the government officer thinks Why Me? Did he get this reward for his honest services?

The greatest example is the famous physicist and astronomer Stephen Hawking. The West uses the title “Master of the Universe” for him. The condition of this master was such that he could not even move one of his fingers. “Why?” There are millions of people in the world who do not use their intellect to the fullest. What if only one of them had been put in a wheelchair instead of Stephen Hawking?

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Learning from all these stories, there are two elements behind questioning “why me” one is disappointment, distress and seeing your expectations not getting fulfilled, one way or another. Second, the things God has chosen for you but you don’t like (as in the case of an ambitious poor young guy with an expensive plan).

It is not easy to find the answer to this “why”, at least not in an extreme emotional state. The answer is hidden in knowledge and intellect. The intellect, that God is proud of. The knowledge, about which God says that only those who are afraid of Him have this knowledge. Such thoughts strike your mind when you don’t believe in God’s plan and lack faith in God’s decision.

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If you’re born poor, you must believe that God sees this fit for me. If you look around yourself and observe your story and character from a broader perspective, you’ll easily realize that what God has done to you is better for you. It is said for a reason that “everything happens surely for good” and nothing happens without the will of God. But the thing is we do not look around, we do not observe our story, we do not believe in God’s plans the way we should do.

If you do not focus on life, do not understand the world, it is almost impossible to get the answer to this “why me”. Like faith, patience is also with knowledge. God has created His great love in every soul. This love is based on all kinds of selfishness from saving a life. In some things God has created a lot of pleasure and attraction and then forbade them.

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In any case, the man has to feel this attraction and react to it. The answer to why is that He created this world for testing his people. Emotions in themselves are a great test of the human being. Humans are tested by each other and their emotions as much as they are tested by anything else. The test is where the intellect is. Animals are not tested because animals do not have intellect. The test is based only on intellect.

According to the courage and ability every human being is being tested. Only prayer, knowledge, and intellect can accompany the human being in this journey of life. The most powerful individuals either in the political or military leadership, even wealth cannot save a human being from emotional incidents.

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A principle has been formulated by God in this regard and it is presented in the Holy Qur’an. “Allah does not test any soul beyond its capacity.” So, Believe in God’s plans and have faith in His decisions.

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