Matter of conferment of presidential awards on Mehvish Hayat, Javed Afridi referred to standing committee

ISLAMABAD, Sep 16 (Online): Chairman Senate has referred the matter of conferment of presidential award on actress Mehvish Hayat and owner of Peshawar Zalmay Javed Afridi to the respective committee.

Talking on his point of order on the matter of bestowal of presidential award to actress Mehvish Hayat and Javed Afridi in the Senate Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan said he saw the pictures of conferment of awards on  Mehvish Hayat and Afridi on social media on September 6.

He held “ I don’t say any thing  about Mehvish Hayat but it should be told to us as to why award is being conferred on Javed Afridi.  Presidential award has been given to Afridi being owner of Peshawar Zalmay and a business man in China. Has Afridi paid more tax.  Award can be given if more tax is paid but it cannot be given to him being a business man.

If government has conferred award on the basis of cricket then as to why awards  have not been given to Lahore Qalandar, Quetta, Islamabad, Karachi kings and Multan Sultan.  The process of showering  favors on blue eyed persons should be halted. It seems as if Javed Afridi may have rendered some covert service.

Chairman Senate referred the matter to standing committee.

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