MBS’s Hidden Agenda: Army called in Makkah


 Saudi Arabia, 13th April: Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammad Bin Salman (MBS), has been the center of many conspiracies since he came to power. As per sources, he has been under threats by his own bloodline for the power of throne.

According to sources of Baaghi TV, Royal Crown Prince is expecting serious trouble and has called in the Army to defend him. He is already been isolating in an island near the Red Sea along with his father King Shah Salman.

Muhammad Bin Salman threatened by his own bloodline?

As per sources, the Saudi king and his de facto have separated themselves on the island and camouflaged the situation with coronavirus. As with only 65 deaths, they do not need a strong army presence unless they have some other agenda on the mind. The army has entered the holy city and has sealed areas like Al-Nakasa, Al-Mansour, and Al-Masfalla. Moreover, the entire city of Makkah has been under a lockdown situation.

As per sources, videos showing heavy military vehicles and bunkers are being passed through Makkah to seal the area.

In earlier reports, Baaghi TV had reported about the drastic steps taken by Muhammad Bin Salman to curb any chance of mutiny. It is anybody’s guess now the desperate prince is making his final move, after this, there is no retrieve. The blood game will quench its thirst with God knows how many innocent lives.

With an economic crunch, foreign policy failure, and increase business closure, Saudi Arabia is losing its Alpha status and such brutal acts will result in weakening of the central command.

We wish and pray that history doesn’t repeat itself and foreign invasion in the form of savior troops doesn’t enter the Holy land because then the international scenario will take an even dangerous turn, leaving different options to be taken up.

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