Mechanic beats a minor heavily with whip

Lahore, 27th September: Once again a terrible incident of child abuse has been reported from Lahore, Pakistan.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, a case of a boy being mishandled has surfaced social media.

Recently, a video has come into light where a mechanic is seen brutally hitting a teenage boy.

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A social media user has shared the heart-wrenching video footage on Facebook, where Shahid Ghaffar, a mechanic from Township area of Lahore is seen constantly beating a young boy with a whip.

The boy, who must be his employee can be heard crying bitterly, but that brutal man is not a one to stop.

Government is urged to take strict action against this man as quickly as possible so that other children his age can be saved from his cruelty.

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This person carried out his part by sharing the brutal act, and now it is the duty of the authorities to catch the mechanic and serve him punishment.

How long are we going to watch such videos where small children are either beaten up by their madrassa teachers or their so-called masters and keep mum about it?

It is about time for the authorities to take action!

And we as the public should play our part and report such crimes and reach out to help such needy children.

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