Media oppressed by Indian government in Occupied Kashmir

Media also locked down in Occupied Kashmir, as the Indian government oppresses newspapers, TV channels and other media channels.

Srinagar: Indian media in Occupied Kashmir also locked down, as the government ‘strangles’ newspapers, TV channels and other media channels. According to reports, Indian authorities in Occupied Kashmir have announced a new media policy. The journalists of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir have reacted strongly.

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According to South Asian Wire, under the new media policy, the government will monitor content published or broadcast in newspapers, TV channels and/or other media, and government officials will decide what news is fake or what is considered anti-social and/or anti-national reporting.

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The Occupied Jammu and Kashmir Administration has formulated the 2020 Media Policy and it is claimed that this procedure will help in resolving the issues facing the media in a clear and transparent manner within the stipulated time.

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According to Al-Qamar Quran Online, the government has said that the policy is aimed at curbing attempts at fake news and misinformation. However, the government has not yet unveiled this media policy.

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Local journalists have sharply criticized the new media policy.

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Sohail Kazmi, a well-known journalist from Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, sharply criticized the new media policy. “Everything should come under censorship,” he said but, “media is the only sector that has acted as a bridge in Jammu and Kashmir. When all government agencies failed and remained silent, the people of print and electronic media made sacrifices to bridge the gap between the people and the government,” he said. “Now we have a weak media policy instead.”

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He further said that a journalist should not need any government agency or police verification certificate. He said that the way the film is presented before the censor board in Bollywood, the producer and director of the film was also called. And the scene that needs to be edited is consulted together. Similarly, the government should have ensured the representation of Jammu and Kashmir journalists before formulating the media policy, but this was not done.

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A journalist should not need any government agency or police verification certificate.

Sohail Kazmi Journalist, Indian Occupied Kashmir

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Advocate Sahil Kohli, who is the editor of a weekly magazine, said: “However, the way in which the government has talked about giving rewards to journalists at the government level in this media policy is completely wrong,” he said. “Obtaining verification will affect the uniformity of the media.”

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The government has announced a new media policy in Jammu and Kashmir, which requires a security check for the accreditation of any journalist. It is important to check the background of owners, editors and other employees for newspaper registration and access to government advertisements.

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Obtaining verification will affect the uniformity of the media.

Sahil Kohli Advocate


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