Meera Property Case: Shocking Details of Accused have been Revealed

Meera approaches FIA over social media accounts hacking


Development in Meera Property case has come forward. According to the report of Baaghi TV, the accused has seized the property of famous Pakistani actress Meera and her family.

Actress Meera while talking in Baaghi TV office said that a British citizen named Shahid Mehmood son of Mohammad Ismail has taken possession of our family’s property without any payment. We have registered a case against him in the police station.

Actress Meera said that Shahid Mehmood and his accomplices occupied our plaza on MM Alam Road and during this time the accused had weapons and they were on the verge of taking our lives. Cases have been registered in Lahore police stations against the accused who also threatened to kill me. Police say that the accused has been granted bail.

According to reports, cases have been registered against the accused Shahid Mehmood not only in Lahore but also in Faisalabad police stations. There are cases of fraud against the accused and Shahid Mehmood is a professional cheater. Three separate cases have been registered in People’s Colony Police Station, Faisalabad, Kotwali Police Station, Civil Line. In Defense B, it is registered under section 406. Another FIR has also been registered in Ghalib Market police station.

According to actress Meera, the accused did all the work fraudulently and did not make any payment. The case is being heard in the court. The accused has allegedly submitted false and forged documents in the court. The accused told the court that he had paid Rs 3 crore in cash to Shafqat Zahra Bukhari on August 22. But According to the documents received by BaaghiTV, the accused had left Pakistan on August 20 and he did not pay any cash to Shafqat Zahra Bukhari.

According to the documents, the accused has conspired to make a fake receipt and it has been presented in court. Not only has the land been seized through forged documents, but the accused has also made death threats.

Actress Meera has appealed through Baaghi TV that the accused should be arrested, they should be given legal protection, the property should be returned and legal action should be taken against the accused.

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