Meesha Shafi-Ali Zafar: Actress Saba Hamid exposed for lying!


Lahore, 8th March: In the defamation suit against Pakistani singer Meesha Shafi by the famous superstar Ali Zafar, a set of blatant lies has once again surfaced.

Baaghi TV: According to reports, right after Meesha Shafi filed a suit against singer-actor Ali Zafar for alleged harassment back in 2018, a series of lies has been surfacing social media.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Meesha Shafi has been telling lies regarding her appearances before the court for her defamation case filed by Ali Zafar.

Since 2019, Miss Shafi has been denying the fact that the Pakistani court has ever summoned her in the defamation suit. She went to the extent of claiming that no court has ever called-in for the hearing so far, which is why she has not made any appearances yet.

Meesha’s prominent activist-lawyer Nighat Dad was also heard saying in 2019 that the court has not yet summoned Meesha and when she will be called upon, Shafi will definitely attend her hearing.

Then in 2020, one of the lawyers representing Meesha Shafi in her defamation suit claimed that because of the coronavirus pandemic, hearings at the court were suspended, and now when proceedings have started, we will be present with our evidence and Meesha Shafi will also appear before the court.

Since that time, there has been no evidence presented before the court nor Meesha Shafi has made an appearance. However, we can always see her taking part in all sorts of singing platforms.

The latest to enter the bandwagon of lies is Meesha’s mother and renowned actress Saba Hamid.

According to reports from March 6, a defamation suit was heard by the Lahore Court on Saturday, where the singer requested the court to cross-examine her through a video-call.

Meesha Shafi’s advocate requested before the court that because of strict restrictions pertaining to COVID-19 in Canada, the singer was unable to travel from Canada to Pakistan.

The counsel for Shafi made the request before the court in the presence of senior artiste Saba Hamid, the mother of the defendant.

Later on, Saba Hamid was seen in a video where she was needlessly stressing that her daughter was unable to travel to Pakistan because of strict travelling restrictions and severe lockdown in Canada.

Meanwhile, as per reports from Dawn News on March 6, Ali Zafar’s counsel opposed the request of cross-examination through video link and pointed out that if Shafi could visit Pakistan for her professional engagements during peak days of COVID-19 so why not for the court proceedings. He also claimed that there were no restrictions on travelling from Canada to Pakistan.

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It is pertinent to mention here that Meesha Shafi had filed a case in 2018 against her colleague Ali Zafar for sexually harassing her, following which Zafar had filed a defamation suit against her. As per reports, so far Meesha Shafi has not attended any of her hearings in this regard.

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