Meesha Shafi, Ali Zafar Harassment case: FIA finds Meesha Shafi guilty

Baaghi TV: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has convicted singer Meesha Shafi and eight others of running a deviant campaign against singer Ali Zafar on social media, prompting the trial court to initiate proceedings against them. 

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The FIA’s Cyber ​​Crime Lahore Wing filed an interim challan before the Special Judge Central Court in the FIR filed on Tuesday on a complaint filed by Mr. Zafar.

In the interim challan, the FIA ​​said that so far Meesha Shafi, actress and host Iffat Omar, Leena Ghani, Fareeha Ayub, Mahim Javed, Ali Gul, Hazimul Zaman Khan, Hamna Raza and Syed Faizan Raza have been present during the investigation. According to the available oral and documentary evidence, she has been found guilty in this case. However, the complainant recorded her statement in favor of Hamna Raza to the extent of accepting her apology, thus further investigation is not required.

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The FIA ​​said that Ms. Shafi had made inaccurate and false allegations of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar on April 19, 2018, but she had previously failed to present any witnesses in support of her allegations. Other defendants also failed to provide evidence in support of the direct allegations made by them on social media. As a result, an FIR was registered against him last September on a court order under Section 20 (1) of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 and R / W 109-PPC.

In November 2018, Ali Zafar lodged a complaint with the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Wing. It was alleged that a number of social media accounts were publishing “threats and defamatory material” against him. He provided details of some Twitter and Facebook accounts in support of his claim.

In his complaint, Mr. Zafar attached pictures of Ms. Shafi uploaded to his social media accounts but said, “it was largely deleted before the allegations were made.” He also submitted a “threatening message” to his manager on Instagram in February 2018.

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The singer-actor told the FIA ​​with documentary ‘Evidence’, “A Twitter account; was formed 50 days before the harassment allegations.

Ms. Shafi appeared in front of the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Wing in December 2019 with her team of lawyers, the FIA ​​said. However, they have failed to produce any witnesses in support of their allegations (sexual harassment) against Mr. Zafar.

Zafar’s defamation suit against Ms. Shafi is also pending in the Sessions Court.

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From Mesha Shafi’s side, after launching a sexual harassment campaign against Ali Zafar, many brands, including Coke Studio, boycotted Ali Zafar. However, now the question stands for Coke Studio and Velo Soundstation, after the challan filed in the ​​court and the conviction of Meesha Shafi by FIA, will you leave her and remove her songs? Will you stop promoting her?

The first installment of Coke Studios was released last week on December 3rd, this year. The new season of Cook Studio started with the women’s anthem Na Tatyaway, in which Mesha Shafi’s singing was highly appreciated. Meanwhile, 3 songs were also released in the second episode of Coke Studio, out of which singer Meesha Shafi and Ali Pervaiz Mehdi’s song ‘Gul Sun’ was also performed.

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