Meesha Shafi Honor Claim Hearing Adjourned

Lahore 12th Dec (Baaghi TV): Iffat Omar attended the previous court session regarding the honor claim against Ali Zafar.

She was present in the court as Meesha Shafi’s witness but the previous hearing had been postponed to 12th December because Iffat Omar wasn’t well at the time she said that she had traveled to Lahore from Karachi and was feeling very tired. 

As scheduled, the court session took place today at 12th December.

“I did my first play barefoot in 1993 with Saba Hameed, Meesha Shafi’s mother,” said Iffat Omar.
“Rahat Kazmi hugged me several times during the play as well,” to explain that she never felt uncomfortable with him. Iffat Omar added that she was 19 years old at that time (said this on television.)

On which the Meesha Shafi’s counsel raised an objection to the opposite lawyer for asking such things. On which Ali Zafar’s lawyer said that it is his rightful right to do so in a court session.

In response to which Iffat Omar said that “I don’t remember Ali Zafar filing a case complaint against me before.”

After the session ended the hearing was adjourned to 19th December when they will meet again.

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