Meet ‘Gossip Girl’ a cyberbullying page

Lahore, 7th July: With the recent trend of harassment cases reported in Lahore, a new wave of bullying on social media has been reported by Baaghi TV.

For those who are unaware, ‘Gossip Girl’ pages are a series of Instagram pages created for the sole purpose of tormenting, cyberbullying, and exposing intimate photos/videos of underage boys and girls in Lahore. People behind these disgusting forums take pleasure in humiliating and degrading minors.

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The most recent edition of Gossip Girl is a page called “gglawhorexoxo” on Instagram. The page intends on posting private pictures of people without their consent asking everyone to send gossip.

It also claimed that whoever sends in the most gossip in 24 hours will be given the password to it because they will be deleting the page in 2 days. The page does not reveal who sent in the gossip but just posts pictures, videos, and screenshots of what they send.

Every individual regardless of their act is entitled to their privacy. Article 14(1) of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan states one’s privacy to be inviolable – never to be spoken of, infringed, or dishonored.

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Similarly, S21(1) PECA states that anyone committing virtual offenses against a minor shall face imprisonment of up to 5 years or have to pay up to 5 million rupees or both. A vast majority of the people whose information is repeatedly posted on these pages are minors; that is from O1 to A2.

These people are tired of opening their social media accounts as they often see their private information, even that which isn’t recent, be posted on this account.

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People post these things to make life difficult for one another. What’s worse is that some of the things posted here aren’t even true.

These instigators have gotten away with such behavior for years and many people have been violated.

It is high time the Pakistani government does something about it and put an end to this. The victimized kids have tried multiple times to bring such accounts down and have also succeeded, but now the law should intervene, and put a permanent end to this.

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