Mehbooba Mufti attacked Modi for holding talks with China but not with Pakistan

Srinagar: People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti attacked the Centre for holding several talks with China and not having any dialogue with Pakistan over Kashmir issue. The former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir alleged that Modi government is spreading communalism and said Pakistan is a Muslim country and that’s the reason why India is not talking to them.

“I’m happy that people are willing to express the need for having a dialogue with Pakistan. We’re having the 9th, 10th rounds of talks with China. Is it because it (Pakistan) is a Muslim country? Because everything is being made communal now?” Mufti said.

Mufti also accused the Centre of supressing secular voices. She believes BJP wants to develop an ecosystem of itself where there is no place for democracy. “They call Muslims as ‘Pakistani’, Sardars as ‘Khalistani’, activists as ‘Urban Naxal’ and students as members of ‘Tukde Tukde gang’ and ‘anti-national’. I fail to understand if everyone is terrorist and anti-national, then who is ‘Hindustani’ in this country? Only BJP workers?, “said PDP chief.

Lashing out over the BJP, Mufti said, “They are trying to get to me. They want to ban my party. Because I raise my voice. I am repeatedly told that Article 370 is being talked about since my release. But what can I do about that.”

“Until and unless the Kashmir issue is resolved, the problem will remain and persist,” Mufti said.

“As long as they do not reinstate Article 370 the issue won’t be resolved. Ministers will come and go. Simply conducting elections is no solution to the problem, she added.


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