Mehwish Hayat speaks up amid Dawood Ibrahim controversy

Lahore, 27th August: Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has been recently linked with the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, the Indian media claims that Mehwish Hayat is Dawood Ibrahim’s girlfriend, and news of her engagement had also started to circulate.

But the Pakistani actress was quick enough to refute the allegations and exposed the Indian propaganda. Mehwish Hayat took to her Twitter account and expressed her anger on the rotten journalism.

(Indian Media Table Story) Dawood Ibrahim upset over report exposing his relationship with Mehwish Hayat

“India’s gutter journalism cannot stop me from speaking in favor of Kashmir. I do not want to cite the baseless allegations made against me by the Indian media,” Mehwish Hayat said on Twitter.

“It is well known what their agenda is and why they are doing it, I would just like to say that it is rotten journalism that cannot silence me.”

The Pakistani actress wrote that she is being persecuted by India in occupied Kashmir. A year has passed since the brutal crackdown on Kashmiris.

World’s silence on Indian atrocities is not acceptable: Mehwish Hayat

Hayat condemned the Indian atrocities and said that 365 days of darkness, pain, and suffering and that these atrocities will never be forgotten. In this regard, she said that she will continue to raise my voice against the hypocrisy of Bollywood actors, actresses, and the entire industry.

At the end of her tweet, Pakistani actress jokingly accused the Indians that if they dare to associate her name with anyone in the future, she would be liked to get linked to the Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. There will be no objection.

Is Dawood Ibrahim residing in Karachi?


Zee News claims “India’s most wanted terrorist and 1993 Mumbai blasts mastermind Dawood Ibrahim is upset over the recent expose of his relationship with Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat, according to sources. He has also started probing how the information about his relationship with Mehwish has come out in open.”

They also quote “Mehwish Hayat became a celebrity in Pakistan overnight after teaming up with Dawood Ibrahim, but when this relationship was revealed on Zee News, people in Pakistan started asking on what basis an average actress was given the civilian honour-Tamga-e-Imtiaz. Her popularity also touched a low in Pakistan as people now look at her with suspicion.”

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They even went to such an extent claiming “Mehwish is 27 years younger than Dawood and it is believed that she is currently his biggest weakness. Known as ‘Gangster Doll’ or ‘Cat’ in Pakistan, Dawood’s relationship with Mehwish first came to light in 2019 when she was awarded the ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’, a big civilian honor in Pakistan.”


To such accusations, the quick-witted actress gave a befitting reply. Let’s see how the story unfolds in the days to come!

It was reported by Baaghi TV a few days back that the Indian media claimed to have found the address of the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim in Karachi.

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more exciting news and updates!

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