Melania Trump refuses to hold Donald Trump’s hand

17th August: America’s First Lady Melania Trump refuses to hold her husband’s hand while getting off a plane.

According to reports from Sky News, footage of the American president Donald Trump and his 50-year-old wife Melania Trump shows that Donald was trying to hold his wife’s hand while getting off their plane.

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Reportedly, the day was very windy and Melania was coming down the presidential plane, she was trying to hold her dress as well so she doesn’t fall.

74-year-old Donald Trump tried to hold her arm when she moved it away from him. Once the first lady rejected his offer he put his hand behind his back.

Twitter users had mixed opinions on the couple’s body language, with one person writing: “Nope. She doesn’t want him touching her.”

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Another said: “Or she’s trying to keep her dress down from the wind. But you keep doing you.”

This isn’t the first time the former model has rejected holding Trump’s hand though. She pulled her hand out of his when they went to watch a football match as well.

Earlier, it was reported by Baaghi TV, that the President visited his brother in Washington DC on his death and said that he wasn’t just a brother, he was his best friend.

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