Memorial service held for Pakistani Muslim family slain in Canada

June 9, 2021: Canada: Thousands gather in memory of Pakistani family, Prime Minister Trudeau attends Thousands gathered in the Canadian city of Ontario to remember the Pakistani family killed in terrorist attack, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the mayor of Ontario and opposition leaders.

Speaking to Geo News on the occasion, the Mayor of Ontario said that the incident of crushing the Pakistani family is very sad, people from different countries of the world are living here and London Ontario is their home just like our home, people are safe here. Understand. He said the incident shocked the entire country, with the affected families and the Muslim community, Ontario is a safe city and this is the first time such an incident has taken place here, the city has lost its innocence.

“It’s a sad day for the people of Ontario, we have a lot of work to do on Islamophobia, hate is on the rise in Canada and we have to fight it,” Khalid Khurshid, a Member of Parliament, told Geo News. We have to come, we will succeed in eradicating hatred from the society.

Addressing the gathering in Ontario to commemorate the Pakistani family, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said endangered communities would be protected and hatred would be fought. Right-wing extremist groups would be added to the list of terrorists. Will take and find a way to move forward together.

He said that there are no words to alleviate the grief of the murder of three generations, we do not have words to alleviate the grief and anger of the community, there are no words regarding the future of this innocent child, this incident snatched the future of the innocent child.

Justin Trudeau said Islamophobia is a reality and racism is a reality but you are not alone, all Canadians stand with you, the Muslim community has strengthened this city, we are with you, we had this agreement As Canadians, we will all take care of each other. This agreement has been broken many times for Muslim Canadians.

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